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  • AOC offers an environment-safe disinfecting / sterilization treatment recognized by international scientific laboratories as one of the most effective and vigorous oxidants found in nature capable of killing viruses, bacteria, germs, fungi, spores, molds, mildews, volatile organic compounds (organic chemicals) and other toxic chemicals present in air and surfaces.


  • AOC Ozone offers a cleaning and sterilization treatment for office, work places, commercial and residential facilities. By keeping work environment clean and safe from threats of diseases, workforce sustains pacing at best resulting to an increased productivity and even higher quality outcome.


  • AOC offers a safe and effective sanitizing / disinfecting treatment for private and commercial cars, taxi, ambulance, etc. The eco-friendly treatment eliminates virus, germs, bacteria and other harmful allergens lurking inside the vehicle. Aside from having a better mental and physical health, study shows that a clean and sanitized vehicle promotes safer driving.

About Us

Founded in March 2020 to respond to a critical situation brought by CoViD19 pandemic, AOC Ozone was created out of desire to be part of the solution for such a worldwide health concern. We are in our fresh start yet it is also a guarantee that we will deliver the best disinfecting and sanitizing service there is.

AOC Ozone is a residential and commercial disinfecting and sanitization service in Metro Dubai. Our company is exclusively dedicated in disinfecting and purifying the environment from variety of contaminants.

We aim to sustain a cleaner and safer environment. Our target market covers a wide range of industries utilizing facilities where people always gather, be it for leisure, entertainment, business, or simply a place for family activities.

We prioritize client's comfort resulting to a hassle-free consultation and service application. We ensure our client’s satisfaction as we do our own assessment of the area, at the same time maintaining our work in a highly satisfactory manner.

AOC Ozone maintains 100 percent efficiency and dependability in our services because our goal is to be every household’s and every establishment’s top choice in disinfecting service.

Our Objectives

To provide our clients cleaner and safer environment by employing environmentalfriendly and certified machines through the aid of human-guided procedures ensuring protection from contaminated air and surfaces.

To create an ambiance free of contaminants, undisturbed by any possibility of health risks due to exposition to and inhalation of virus, germs, bacteria, allergens, volatile organic compounds, and other toxic pollutants.

To maintain a protected atmosphere through the application of suited scientific treatment of air and surfaces inside a closed environment, reducing the hazard of air-related diseases as well as eliminating wide variety of odors, molds, and mildews.

Our Mission

AOC Ozone exists to safeguard your surroundings in a closed environment through the utilization of scientific equipment to treat the air and surfaces, from the most concealed cracks and crevices to the most exposed portions. We possess the right tools and scientific procedures to make every home more livable, every business area more productive, and for learning institutions be more conducive for learning.

Ozone Disinfection


Oxygen to Ozone - Ozone (O3) is formed from a single atom of oxygen (O) and an oxygen molecule (O2). Others atoms (O1) loosely bond with (O2) to form ozone (O3) -triatomic oxygen.

Ozone gas from AOC Ozone is created in essence by passing oxygen through an electrically charged field (Corona Discharge), or a spectrum of Ultra Violet light (UV), breaking the molecule of O2 into radical atoms of O1. The O1 radical atoms find O2 molecules and loosely bind themselves to the O2 molecule forming O3.

Ozone Attacks and Destroys Contaminants – O3 attacks the molecular make up of bacteria, viruses, spores and other substances which creates an oxidative explosion (Oxidation) on contact. Ozone (O3) destroys viruses by diffusing through the protein coat into the nucleic core, causing damage to the viral RNA.

Ozone Disinfects and Purifies - O3 reverts back to O2, no harmful by products or residues remain. Ozone is the earth’s most powerful oxidizer that can be safely used.

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